An Interview With Ms. McCeig

By Noelia Regino

Ms. McCeig Background

Ms. McCeig is a English teacher. She got her bachelors degree in English from Texas A&M but, before she majored in English she want through two different things. She went through wanting to be a meteorologist to wanting to be a journalist.

After getting her bachelors in English she went to start teaching. So far in her education career she's taught only high school students; 9th, 10th, 12th. She's taught for about 5 years and so far she loves it.

Her success road good wasn't always good. While growing up she had family problems and school problems. Her parents never believed in her they never wanted her to go to college either. Her teachers in school would pick on her on the way she wrote her essays and how she read.

Teaching background 📚

Ms. McCeig has taught 3 grade levels during her educational career. She's taught 9th, 10th, and 12th grade. She's taught English her whole career so far. She keeps he class room under control, always has some sort of punishment to give out if students don't do what they should.

While I was observing her I noticed that she had a few technics on how to teach. She would have all the bad students sit at the back and all the good students at the front. When she would give instructions she always went back to every student to make sure they understood what they were doing.

What I got during interviewing her she told me that she worked about 70-90 hours a week just on grading and coming up with fun lessons for her students. Teaching my seem like it's an easy job but in reality you have to put in mostly all your time into it. She says "My biggest challenge on being a teacher is having the students understand how important the content is and how much it will affect there educational life." Although teaching is difficult you can get rewarded from it. Now I'm not talking about the money but how you change the students life.