The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

By: Jes Spruill

Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor!!!

On Dec. 7, 1941, Japan came and attacked Pearl Harbor!! They came in Brigades of planes sending bombs targeting the ships. They also had more plans for us, read on to see what they were.

The Attack

The main attack happened quick. Japan sent in bomber planes and laid them down on us. They took us by so much surprise, we totaled up in casualties and fatalities, the hospital got too full and men had to get surgery awake and on the floor! We finally got them away and right on time, because they were sending in submarine quadrants.


Three days later, Germany and Italy declare war on the U.S. The allies start to claim North Africa and succeed. D-Day happens and the allies win. Finally, to end the war, America drops the atomic bomb , killing multiple people and causing Japan to immediately surrender.
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All in all, the Americans accidentally got into the war that they did not even want to do anything with! Though the great U.S. of A found a way to help the countries and win the war for the allies! Today we honor the brave warriors who served in our great trial.