Weston High School Library Report

3rd Quarter 2013-2014

Student Visits

15,077 student visits during the 3rd quarter!

Student Learning

  • Supported Coffee House project (Lee)
  • Tech Support for Creative Writing Blogger project (Collins)
  • Hosted Fractal Fair
  • Taught History Database Review (Tucker, Chaloff)
  • Supported Cooking Research (Irwin)
  • Supported Americas Research
  • Supported Biography Project (Cochran)
  • Curated Free reading classroom library (Chaimanis)

New Library Website

New Library Website tour

Research takes off during third quarter

Students search databases much more often than they take out books. Why? Databases are accessible 24/7 on almost unlimited topics while print titles are available only during schools hour on the topics we have purchased.

Databases = red

Books = green

Catalist Audiobooks

We're building a collection of audiobooks which can be downloaded to individual devices 24/7 from our catalog. Use our database user/password combo to access. (You know what it is!)

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