Pandora Radio

Free Streaming Music?


Pandora is a free music streaming app. Available to anyone with an Android or Apple product. Listen to your favorite songs from your favorite artist or genre with a cost.


The Good.

Pandora is a free music streaming app that allows you to listen to your favorite artists or your favorite genre. It's on both Android and Apple. Available as an app that is free but you can also upgrade to Pandora One and you will never receive any advertisement. It can also play in the back ground while you do any other tasks you need to get to.

The Bad.

Pandora is bad for six reasons: The music quality is low. You cannot choose the songs and when you pick and artist you listen to their favorite songs as well. There are only a certain amount of genres to choose from. There is an excessive amount of advertisements, and you cannot watch your favorite artists music videos.

The Truth.

Pandora is a high quality music streaming app. It does require Wi-Fi at all times and does drain battery life. However you do get to listen to your favorite artists and maybe find new music to love with having it play other similar songs. If you do not like that artists songs you have the option to dislike them then it will never play that artist again.