WMS RedHawk Update

July 19, 2021

Complete Your Registration Please!

We still have 171 Families that have not completed the 2021-2022 Annual Update Form, which is the required registration form for the coming school year.

The form can be found by clicking THIS LINK. Click the red box "Annual Student Registration Update Form" and log in with your HAC credentials. BE SURE TO CLICK SUBMIT WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE FORM. If you have more than one student, you can toggle between your students at the upper right side of the form.

If you are unsure that you have completed this form, please contact Lucy Johnson at 331-228-5129 or lucy.johnson@d303.org

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WMS Material Pick-Up / Alternate Locker Set-Up Information

WMS Material-Pickup Dates and Times
YOU MUST SIGN UP via Pick-a-Time for a timeslot HERE!

August 3rd:
8:30 to 12 Noon or
2:00 to 7:00PM

August 4th:
2:00 to 7:00PM
for our Material Pick-up Days!

This is when you can:

  • Pick-up schedules
  • Pick-up locks, heart rate monitor straps, and calculators (free to 6th graders and new students to D303!)
  • Get lockers ready
  • HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN! (Yes, these are our picture days for the year… make-ups will be September 9th)
  • Learn about WMS Clubs and Activities!
  • Join our AMAZING PTO



While attending one of the scheduled dates is preferred, we recognize that some family schedules will not permit being here on August 3rd or 4th. You are welcome to come in to pick up a schedule, materials, and set up your locker as follows:

  • August 5th & 6th from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • August 9th & 10th from 8:30 am - Noon

PLEASE NOTE: If your student is nervous about the size of the building, they are welcome to come in and walk their schedule during any of these times, once they have received their schedule.

Helpful Hint:

Your student will receive (6th Grade/New), or should already have two locks. We recommend they put one lock on their locker when they set it up (keeping the combination written down somewhere). Take the second lock home and practice unlocking and locking it. When they come to school the first day, put the lock they have practiced on their hall locker. The other lock will become their PE lock.

You Ask... We Answer!

Question: What size cover should I buy for the Chromebook?

Answer: Any sleeve that will fit a Chromebook with an 11.6" (diagonal measurement) screen will work!

The Importance of a Name!

It is important that we learn how to pronounce each student's name correctly. But not all names are easy for all people to pronounce based on the language or culture of origin. If your child has a name that we frequently mispronounce, would you please complete THIS FORM? We will then share it with staff so they can pronounce your child's first and last name correctly.


We often get calls asking which box(es) to order as the School Tool Box website can be a little overwhelming.
  • Generally, the school supplies you will need are in the Grade Box at each level. (Ex. 6th Grade Box, 7th Grade Box, 8th Grade Box)
  • If your child is enrolled in RISE, OASIS, or INFINITY, you would pick that box for the appropriate grade level INSTEAD of the Grade Box.
  • If your child is enrolled in Band/Choir/Orchestra you can also order the appropriate music box (by grade level).
  • If your child is enrolled in Foreign Language, you may also order the appropriate grade level box.
  • Explore/PLTW boxes are also available for each grade level depending upon what your child signed up for.
  • When in doubt... purchase only the Grade Box you need.
Click the image below to access Wredling's page on the School Tool Box website.

From the Health Office

A physical examination is required for entrance (first day of school) into Preschool, Kindergarten, sixth grade and ninth grade. Students who were fully remote last school year and postponed their submitting their required physical exam/immunization record for entrance must submit their physical exam and immunization record prior to the first day of school. Please access District 303's Health Department's Web Page for specific grade level vaccine requirements (including meningococcal vaccine requirements for high school students) and State of Illinois forms. The health history portion of the physical examination form must be completed and signed by a parent in order for the physical to be valid. An appointment card must be submitted to the health office indicating that a physical exam or immunization is scheduled in the event a student's age makes them ineligible for a vaccine prior to the first day of school or the student is scheduled for a physical exam shortly after the first day of school.

The State of Illinois requires that all students entering school for the first time from out of state shall have/submit a physical examination/vaccine record within 30 days of enrollment in school.

All exams must be dated within one year prior to the date the student enters school.

Physical Examinations may be acquired through your primary medical provider. If you do not have a primary medical provider, you may contact Kane County Health Department for referrals to local health clinics that provide such services.


Do you enjoy working with kids?

Are you looking for a job where you can make a difference?



Full and Part-time positions available!

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Dean's Assistants
  • LRC Assistants
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Native Language Tutors
  • AVID Tutor
  • $15.20 an hour or higher depending upon position and experience

CLICK HERE to view the employment opportunities & apply!


  • Openings in all K-8 Schools.
  • Guaranteed 3 hours
  • $12 an hour

Please contact Patricia Burton at 331-228-5242 or patricia.burton@d303.org


  • Jump Start - August 3 to August 5th (by invite for some 6th and 7th graders)

  • 6th Grade WEB orientation August 9th from 6:00 to 7:30PM

  • Back-To-School Night August 25th for 6th grade

  • Back-To-School Night August 26th for 7th & 8th grades

  • Picture Retakes September 9th

  • Parent Teacher Conferences October 7th from 8:00AM to 8:00PM; October 8th from 8:00AM to 12 Noon.

  • 6th Grade Outdoor Education: October 29th for Team 6-3, November 2nd for Team 6-2, November 9th for Team 6-1 and November 15th for Team 6-4

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Attention all Redhawks! We have new exciting spirit wear designs! Our online sale will run Aug 3 – Aug 18, be on the lookout for more information along with a link to the store. You won’t want to miss it! We will be selling some samples at material pickup days on Aug 3 and Aug 4 – come and see us in the spirit wear tent!
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