History/Science Showcase

Dec. 4/Dec 15

Who's Participating?

All students (not just GT) are invited to participate in the History/Science Showcase events. GT Students are required to participate in at least 4 showcases throughout the year.

Friday, Dec. 4th will be specifically for students in grades 5-8 who are competing in the Regional History and Science Fairs. Their work will be displayed and judged on that date to determine who will advance to the regional fairs.

Tuesday, Dec. 15th will be for all students who have created a project. That evening from 5:30-7 students may bring their parents to share their creations and view what other students have completed.

Primary/Lower El Participant Guidelines

This assignment should be completed by individual students (no partners or teams).

Students will...

  1. Select either a history OR science topic that they are passionate about.
  2. Gather information (books, websites, videos, interviews, etc.)
  3. Evaluate sources to determine whether the information is accurate and applies to their topic.
  4. Organize and summarize their data/information.
  5. Form their own ideas and thoughts about what they have learned.
  6. Present what they have learned through a creative product (see ideas below).
  7. Cite where they obtained their information.

Students will learn various presentation methods and have allotted time to research during Friday #geniushour time, however teachers will also need to make sure that the student is encouraged to work on their project during open work time. This project should NOT be sent home for completion. If a student wants to work on portions at home to assist their progress they are welcome to, but this is not an at-home project.

Upper El/Middle School Participant Guidelines

7th and 8th grade students follow their assigned Study Guide for information and guidelines.

Upper El...it's a little more complicated...

  • 4th grade students cannot compete at any level, therefore it may be easier for them to follow the lower el guidelines.
  • 5th grade students can compete at the regional level. If they choose to compete they need to follow the regional guidelines...if they are not competing then they can follow lower el guidelines.
  • 6th grade students can advance to state and nationals. They need to follow the regional guidelines.

Need a Topic??

Want to do a display board?? Make it an AWESOME one!!