Mount Rushmore

Andrew hoke


There was a lot of hard work, and effort put into this monument. They spent many many years carving into this mountain. Many people from all around travel to see it. Its close to rapid city

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This project was hard, 400 men worked on it and took 14 years. 90% of it was done with dynamite. The time period was bad because it was the Great Depression.

It's very close to town. It's about 25 miles from from a town. The city it's by is rapid city, rapid city is a small town of a population of about 70,000 in South Dakota.

The monument is huge! According to

The faces are 60 feet high. The noses are 20 feet long and the eyes are 11 feet wide. The monuments are about 18 feet wide.

Many people visit the monument. 3 million people go there a year. It's mostly busy in the summer. People com marveled when they see it and it brings people face to face with the monument.


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