Egg Carton 9000

By Dalie {} Science fair project



Can you make a cart for an Egg to ride in Safely???


I think the lighter it is the more it will go so i tried to use the lightest things i found or knew.

so an empty egg carton is light and so is a stick and water caps :D


First get an egg carton and cut out 3 Egg holders TOGETHER and make 4 holes to on each side of cart don't put it in the middle Get 2 short sticks and 4 pop or water lids put the lids on the stick after putting the stick in the hole in the cart after that you can add any SAFE thing you want!


~ part of egg cart

~Water Lids


~hot glue gun


~Paint (if u wanna paint the can Your choice)

My conclusion

Maximum Length width & Height

Width - 6.5 Cm

Length - 16.5 cm

Mass - 40 Grams (without egg)


I found out that the Kart slides Side ways But other wise it is Safe for an egg to Be held in


First i cut out 3 Holes out of a egg carton and cut 4 holes for a wheel and axel after that i got 4 water lids And cut 1 hole in each of them then i added them to a stick and made sure they spinned (which they sort of did)


Big image

Background knowledge

My tires are to small to keep rolling so i had a very short distance I think i could improve my distance by getting bigger wheels