Myanmar (Burma)

Carter C. 2nd Period

Introduction to Myanmar

Myanmar is a very beautiful country with many sites to see. In Myanmar, we have many mountains that isolate one of the main water sources here, the Irrawaddy River. You can also farm here because of our fertile soil. Farming can be a great living. Our army is strong, so they can protect us. We are a Military Regime, where the military is the head of the government. They are the most powerful, and will protect us. Our main religion is Buddhist, and this makes us very holy. The Buddhist temples are very beautiful. Come to Myanmar!

Slogan- Myanmar "The Land of Holy Men."

Geography/Climate of Myanmar

Most of Myanmar is tropical, which gives us the food and water we need. Temperatures in Mandalay, which is in central Myanmar, averages to about 68 °F in January. In Texas, January's average temperature is colder. Myanmar has three seasons: (1) rainy, (2) cool, and (3) hot, all are important to survival. Myanmar is near the equator, which helps the climate be great.

People & Culture

The government said in 1983, that the estimated population totals about 48 million people, the right amount of population! Currently, the government recognizes 135 ethic groups, but almost 70% of the population is ethnically BaMa, Bamar, or Burman. In Myanmar, most people are Buddhist, but many are also Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. If your a different religion, it is okay, come here too! The country's official language is Burmese (now sometimes called Myanmar), it is spoken by more than 30 million people, about 75% speak the same language. Architecturally, Myanmar has one of the richest traditions of Buddhist art. The countryside and cities have many beautiful religious temples. Rice is the most important food in Myanmar, and can be eaten with almost every meal. Rice is healthy!

Government & Citizenship

Used to be ruled by the British, it became an independent state on January 4, 1948. Citizens 18 years of age and older are able to vote. Like in the United States, Myanmar has three branches of government; the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The main leader of the government is the military. This way we are protected.


Many of the people are impacted by the U.S., E.U., and Japan. Despite its many natural resources, Myanmar's economy relies almost entirely on the strength of the country's agricultural and imported manufactured goods. The US does not import anything from Myanmar. Australia and the European Union restrict some items from Myanmar.