Criminal Justice System

What happens when someone is arrested

Warrant-written authority to make an arrest or conduct a search.

Arraignment-Pre-trial court appearance during which an accused person answers formal charges made against him or her with a plea of guilty.

Grand Jury-Group of citizens who decide if there is enough evidence of a crime to send the


Indictment-Formal accusation that leads to a trial.

Plea bargain-amreement in which a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor in return drops more serious charge.

Main Ideas

An arrest can be made if police sees a person commit a crime or have a warrant to arrest a person. The Judge will give police a warrent if he or she is shown enough evidence that the suspect commited the crime. The arrest is only the first step in charging a person with a crime. Criminal trial are expensive and either the prosecutor or the defense can't be sure how the trail will end. One way to limit the risk and expense s through a plea-bargain. When law enforcements officer believe some ones guilty of a crime they place that person under arrest meaning they hold him\ her a trail by authority of the law.