South Africa - A Nation.

By: Shivani Goyal, Juliana White

Become an Afrikaner Nationalist!

  • We must come together as a nation to end the poverty that we are facing. Do you want the children of your children to have a good life? IF you answered yes, then we must establish education programs for the future generations.
  • But how can we do so, when there is only conflict between our states? And this is being caused by the British!
  • If we come together as a nation, then we could accumulate a capital, which will help contribute to the educational programs and political stability that this country needs.

(Africa's Independence Below)

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Pan-African Unity

  • Join The Organization of African Unity, who helps prevent colonial conflict.
  • Pan African Unity is headed by the leader Kwame Nkrumah.
  • This leader is essential to our movement to resist interference from foreign powers.
  • Sadly, he was overthrown by Ghana, who is now under a dictatorial rule.
  • But we came together to overcome the conflict, important to the future of the African transformation.

(Kwame Nkrumah Below)

Afrikaner National Party

  • Industrial growth opened jobs for South African Americans.
  • Black activism, political reforms, and these jobs scared white South Africans.
  • Join the Afrikaner National Party!
  • Support African nationalism.


The roots of whites ability to go against majority rule started in South Africa. The growth of economic opportunities for blacks allowed them a chance to change their social status, something white people were not too happy about. These changes struck fear for the whites, due to the fact they were nervous about the change that could be at hand. The government installed harsh laws dedicated to squash any move toward black independence. The imperial powers divided the colored population from the white to fix any of the Black Activism. Mandela was the first black president of South Africa, he created an ideal of a free society and started a movement that forever had an effect on society.