Indian Creek Pre-K News

News for February 8-12

Important Dates

February 10-Boot day- wear your boots to school for letter B

February 11- Class picture and Spring Individual Pictures

February 12-Valentine's Parties AM@10 am and PM& Whole Day@ 2 pm

February 15- No school for students/teachers work day

February 18- Technology Night 5:30-6:30

Classroom News

We also have our Valentine party scheduled for Friday the 12th. We will still have our Show and Tell time for letter B.

The AM Class party will be 10:00 to 10:30 and the PM Class and whole day class will be 2:00 to 2:30.

The room mothers have organized the crafts and the food items. Remember no candies or treats with NUTS. NO NUTS!!! Also please keep in mind Mrs. Freedenberg is allergic to chocolate items.

Please bring a valentine's cards with only your child's name written on it in the from section of the card. Have your child write their name, most of them can write their names now and this is good practice at home. We are making bags to hold all of their cards to take home. Please do not send any little mailboxes or decorated shoe boxes.

AM class has 16 students/ PM class has 16 students/ Whole Day Class has 23 students

Please also remember to make arrangements for your child on February 15th-there is no school for the students.

What We Are Learning This Week

This week we are in Unit 7 with a focus on Whole Part Whole-meaning putting parts together to make something new and taking things apart to help me learn. In this unit we also explore "what happens when..."

Our Main Goals this week:

Language: Children will be able to identify the letter B and things that begin with the letter. Our children will be working on letter matching, syllables in common words, letter identification with letter sounds, and rhyming with common words. We will have boot day on Wednesday in honor of letter B.

Math: Your child will be able to name common shapes and the shapes of pattern blocks. We will use tangram puzzles to create pictures. Your child will show how they can make other shapes from smaller shapes. Your child will be working with a mat or divided plate to create simple addition and subtraction stories up to 5.

Social Studies: Your child will be working on how can I say that in a better way. We will be looking at kindness and the celebration of Valentines.

Continue the Learning at Home

Help Your Child Improve Auditory Skills by Teaching How to Rhyme
Knowing how to rhyme will help your child read word "families" such as let, met, pet, wet, and get. Notice that rhyming words have same sound endings but different beginning sounds. Some words don't look the same: ache, cake, steak but they rhyme. To teach your child how to rhyme, play a game. It is all about the sound of words and not how it is written.

Body Name Game
How to Play: Begin by modeling how to rhyme. Point to parts of your body, say a rhyming word and your child should say the body part. This puts rhyming into her ears with a visual cue (pointing). If you point to your nose and say rose, she will automatically say nose.

  1. Tell your child, "We are going to play a rhyming game. Rhyming words have the same sound endings. I'm going to point to something on my body, and say a word. You're going to say the body part that rhymes. Okay?"

  2. Give her two examples: "I'm pointing to my leg, and I say beg. You say leg. I'm pointing to my nose. I say rose, and you say nose.

  3. Here's a list of body parts and rhyming words:




  4. When your child is able to do this, turn it around. Point to your knee and your child will say a rhyming word such as bee or me!
  • When your child rhymes body parts, play this game:Say, "I'm going to say a word and you'll tell me as many rhyming words as you can. I say bee." Your child then says words such as "he, she, we three, free, or agree."
  • Choose one-syllable words that are easy to rhyme with such as had, rat, man, fall, ten, red, big, fill, hop, dog, bug and sun. All of these have multiple words that rhyme.

The best place to do this- is in the car. Most of the time children are listening to you in the car. Turn off the radio and hang up the cell phone and do some rhyme time. Look around and come up with rhyming word pairs. Examples- bus/Gus , car/ star, big/pig. Phonics is all about listening to words and the sounds of words.

Sometimes at the big box stores you can find inexpensive puzzles for rhyming and other rhyming activities. Remember it is all about hearing the words.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Rosalind Freedenberg

AM/PM Half Day Pre-Kindergarten

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Mrs. Heather Castillo

Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten

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Ms. Jordan Hurley

PPCD Teacher

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