Nicole Drang


Some arrhythmia and very serious and can lead to cardio arrest or stoke. If blood can't be pumped from the heart it may clot, later clogging an artery and cutting off blood flow to the heart, brain, or other organs.

3-5 sighs of this disorder

One thing that you may have is an abnormal heart rhythm. Another thing is that you will have pauses in your heartbeat. One more thing is that your heartbeat is eigher to fast or to slow.


One cause is a heart attack. Another thing is smoking or drug abuse. Another thing is stress. One last thing it might be is blocked arteries in your heart, ( coronary artery disease). It is also treatable. Some arrhythmia is not serous but if it is you can get medicine from your doctor.

2 or more facts

One fact is that arrhythmia can be Surious and can lead to cardio arrest or stroke.