The Bells

by: Edgar Allan Poe

Christmas Bells

The first part of The Bells is about Christmas bells. It talks about the atmosphere of Christmas. A quote i found interesting is "while the starts that over sprinkle, all the heavens seem to twinkle".

Wedding Bells

In the second part of The bells it talks about the wedding bells. The poem talks about how happy the sound of the bells can make the atmosphere and how they are chiming together. My favorite quote from this poem is "what a world of happiness their harmony for tells"

fire/alarm bells

In the third part of The Bells it talks about alarm bells. The poem talks about how loud they are and how they can scare you. The quote i found interesting from this part of the poem was "what a tell or terror, now, their turbulency yells".

Death bells

The very last part of the poem is the most interesting it is saying how they used to ring bells to honor some one who ha passed. The poem is talking about the death bells. The wonderful quote i found was

"what a world of solemn thought their monody compels!"