What is it

What is fraud? Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

Explanation and examples of what it "looks" like

The source of the evidence refers to the basis for a witness’s knowledge: is the witness testifying to what he or she knows for a fact, or what the witness overheard on the train, or what the witness supposes or thinks might have happened.

How a person can avoid becoming a victim

1.Get that Social Security Card and birth certificate OUT of your wallet/purse/car

2.Shred Your Mail: Most consumers don't pay attention to the plethora of personal information we throw away in our discarded mail. Our mail often contains vital information that is best protected from the public.

3.Don't Be Lazy with Passwords: Is your password to your online bank account the same as the one to your email, which is the same as the one to your social media page, which is the same as the one to your fantasy sports team?