The Unwritten Rule

By: Elizabeth Scott (Ti'ara Nelson)

About Elizabeth Scott

She was born in 1972 and grew up in Southern Virginia. Both of her parents were teachers who taught at her school. When she went off to college that's when she met her future husband (when she was a freshman in college). She writes young adult books because she likes reading them. Some of the books that Elizabeth Scott has written are:

  • Living Dead Girl
  • Something Maybe
  • Low Red Moon
  • Bloom
  • As I Wake

Summary: 📚

In the story "The Unwritten Rule" Sarah (the main character) has a best-friend who she has known for a long time. Sarah also has a crush on one of the boys at her school who she has liked for a long time. Her best-friend Brianna doesn't know that she has a crush on the boy though. So she starts to talk to him then they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Sarah is so sad and shocked about the fact that the person who she deeply likes is now her best-friend's boyfriend. She doesn't know if it is wrong to like him because that's her best-friends boyfriend or if she should just stay distant from her best-friend and her long time crush.


This major event is when Sarah first met Ryan. When she first met him she was in love with him at first sight. She flirted with him and showed him feelings so he would know she liked him. She liked talking to him and she felt very comfortable with him.

This event Is worthy of being a major one because, it tells you how much she enjoyed him and how much she liked him. This also shows where everything started and how it began on where she is now. (She's confused)

(Picture: this was the image that popped in my head when she was explaining how she felt for him)

Major Event #2

This major event is the start of Brianna (her best-friend) and Ryan when they first met and started talking. When Brianna first met Ryan she was clueless on how Sarah felt for him. She thought he was one of Sarah's close friends. So Brianna flirted with him and went out on dates with him and then all of a sudden they start dating. This was a major surprise to Sarah and led her to become so distant from her best-friend and Ryan.

This event is worthy of being a major one because, this shows why the basically why the book is called "The Unwritten Rule" and why Sarah feels so awkward and uncomfortable around them together.

(Picture: shows that she's always the 3rd wheel because Sarah basically invites her to things with them all the time.)

Major Event #3

When they start dating Ryan notices that Sarah does like him and knows that she feels awkward around them. He does try and tell Brianna but Brianna fails to listen and is too stub-burned to care & notice.

This event is worthy of being a major one because, it shows that he does have some type of care for Sarah and he does feel some type of way when Sarah is in their presence.

(Picture: shows her being stub burned and the image kind of explained what they looked like.)

Major event #4

Brianna doesn't know why Sarah is acting the way she does. It's setting there friendship apart because Sarah doesn't know how to act when Ryan is around. She starts to get suspicious but she still doesn't understand what is happening & how Sarah is feeling.

This event is important because it is showing us that their friendship is starting to change and Sarah is getting more annoyed when she is with them. This is helping us step into their shoes too.

(Picture: friendship is breaking apart and they aren't really close because of what's happening.)

Major event #5

Sarah is basically confused about the whole situation, they are still friends but she doesn't really know if she should stay around so much towards the end of the book because she likes him.

This is an important event because it's telling you that they are still friends but she doesn't really be around them for her feelings to get in the way of their friendship.

(Picture: her feelings for her bestfriends boyfriend is getting in the way of everything and spreading them away from each other.)

Major Event #6

She stop letting the whole crush thing with her best friends boyfriend get in the way of her friendship and still didn't tell Brianna about the crush she has on her boyfriend. They say that's one of the rules you cannot like your best-friends boyfriend because it will effect you a lot in the end.

This is important because that is why the book is called what it is called. The Unwritten Rule is to never like your best friends boyfriend because you never know what's gonna happen.

(Picture: they became back bestfriends at the end of the story and Sarah got over the problem she was going through.)

Book Review 📚⭐️

I give it 4 stars out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I would read this book again and I advise anyone who is into drama and romance to read this book. It will have you wanting to read it over and over again. It is very intense, in every chapter something good happens. I grantee when you read this book you will enjoy it a lot.