Peek of the Week May 4


May 10th- Happy Mother's Day!

May 11-15 Decade week/Book Fair

May 12th - Reading CBA

May 14th- Talent show auditions for pk-2nd grade

May 15th- Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Dance at 6:00 to 7:30 pm

May 18th-Announce talent show finalists

May 19th - Math CBA

May 19th- PTO meeting-board elections, volunteer appreciation Dinner

May 20th-Class Field Trip

May 22nd - No School for students!

May 25th - No School (Holiday)

May 26th- First rehearsal for talent show @ 3:30-5:00 pm

May 28th- Second rehearsal for talent show @ 2:00-3:00 pm

May 29th - End of Year Party 11:00-12:00

June 1st - First Grade Awards day @9:00-10:00

June 1st - Talent Show @ 6:30-7:30 pm

June 3rd - LAST DAY/EARLY DISMISSAL @ 12:30 :( (I'm gonna miss these kids!)

Spring Pictures - Please make sure to return any spring pictures that you do not wish to keep. If you would like to keep them, please return your payment in the provided envelope. If you order online, please return the envelope with the order code on it so that the school will know that you have paid for your pictures. Thanks!

**Please make sure your child comes prepared for school every day. This means that they have a signed blue folder brought to school with them every day. They also need to make sure that they bring their BOX to school with them with all of their supplies (glue, scissors, pencils, crayons, dry erase marker)! Students will start receiving color changes for coming unprepared for class. We have had several days when we refill boxes. My homeroom is also low on glue sticks so if you are able to buy 1 or 2 extra for your student, we would appreciate it!


Decade week will be celebrated the week of 5/11-5/15 along with our book fair BOGO!

Monday- 50's Day: poodle skirts, biker jackets etc.

Tuesday- 60's Day: Tie Dye shirts

Wednesday- 70's Day: Disco Fashion

Thursday- 80's Day: Neon colored clothes

Friday- 90's Day: Overalls or Jeans with a t-shirt

Thank you student council!


This week we began talking about how to find a missing number in an equation. We used a balance to "balance" equations on both sides with both addition and subtraction problems. This is the time of year when we combine all of our skills and strategies to solve problems! We also used cubes to find missing numbers.

Home Challenge:

*Practice Addition and subtraction flashcards to increase fluency

*Dice it up- roll a dice three times to find the sum. Write the number sentence and use a model to check.

*It's a Fact Jack- use playing cards to add up three numbers before the other player does. The quickest person to call out the correct sum wins the cards.

*Memory of Tens- play a memory game with partners of ten. Create the game by writing numbers 0-10 on index cards. Flip them over and mix them up. Flip two cards over, if they are partners of ten you keep the cards and go again. If the two cards are not partners of ten, flip them back over and the next player goes. (make several sets of the cards to have more to play with)

*Domino facts- use dominoes to create fact families.

*Chalk about it- have students use sidewalk chalk to create math stories up to three addends.

*Goldilocks and the three bears- retell a story using the bear family and having each member of the family be a different number. Students can be Goldilocks and arrange the bears (numbers) in different order to create a fact family number sentence.

Online Resources:

Lesson about fact families

What makes a Ten

Learn about Tens

The addends and the sum


This week we finished observing our sunflower plants growing, even though they are far from being a grown plant, and observed the life cycle of a lima bean. We also made a book of the animal groups. We have been very busy! Next week we will start learning about animal life cycles.


We have been doing various activities for social studies over the last 2 weeks. We talked about Cinco de Mayo, made Mother's Day gifts, and began talking about the different regions/landforms that we can find in Texas!