Freak The Mighty

Roles of Women

Book Title

Max and Kevin don't have fathers in their lives, so it is up to the girls to take care of the youngsters. It would be very hard to take care of kids without a father-figure to help them grow to be big and strong. So it is up to the girls to help raise these young children to be responsible adults.

Conflict Man vs Nature

I think the nature part was that Max was afraid he was going to become violent like his father. His grandparents were also afraid because he could become very hostile. Growing up in the better side of town with his grandparents will hopefully help him become less hostile and more friendly. But living with his grandparents, he doesn't have much of role models. Grim didn't start treating him like a man until he gave Max coffee and not a more childish drink.

Character remark and actions

Killer Kane (Max's Father) was very hostile and viciously choked Max's father and now is in jail for life. The people around Max are afraid he will become hostile and be more like his father. Max growing up with a motherly role model will hopefully help him become less hostile and more peaceful toward others.

Contrasts between characters

Max and Freak are two completely different people and yet, they find a way to become best friends. The one thing they do have in common are that they don't have fathers (with them.) Max is tall, strong, and more unintelligent, while Freak is small, weak, and very intelligent.