Primary Sources

Hate Radio

The radio told people to go to work and that meant get your machetes and kill the Tutsis. It was said that the initial aim of the radio was to create peace within the Rwandan community however that was way off the truth. Once the radio started broadcasting mass extermination of Tutsis began.

'Don't eat the fish'

dward saw bodies in the river on the way to Kigali. 'There is lots of them,' he says. When children try to sell us fish, Edward says not to eat them. This images depicts perfectly the killings in the genocide. It shows two men carrying another woman/man in a man made stretcher. It is clear that they have been fishing and instead of finding fish they found bodies.

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The machete itself was the weapon that defined the genocide in Rwanda. The piles consist of only some of the weapons that were used against the Tutsi people during the genocide in 1994. However, the image contains on the weapons, not the perpetrators or victims. A photograph of this nature allows the viewer to question how the Hutu gained access to such an incredible amount of machetes.