Blake Blackmon

when one door closes another one opens

describe something you did Yesterday

Yesterday I went mudding in my woods with my Dad. We went mudding for about 4 hours and completely covered ourselves and our four wheelers. The only bad thing about it was getting all the mud off of us and the four wheelers cause it took us like an hour and a half.
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something you do well

Something I do is well is ride motorcycles and four wheelers. I go to tracks and trails with my friends and my parents but we don't go very often. When i go we always take our grill so we can grill out and eat while were there and don't have to leave the place.
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something you did in your childhood

Something I did in my childhood was play baseball. I always got in trouble cause my dad was the coach and I never listened. But sometimes I had to and i still play baseball today.

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something you learned last week

something I learned last week is to sleep. We had exams so I slept whenever I got done with them. I really didn't like the exams cause it took us a long time to complete
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something you dislike

Something I dislike is my neighbors dogs cause they always go in my woods and eat my outside dogs food. My dad and I have warned the neighbors that if they let them over in our yard again he was calling the animal control. So my dad and I have been watching out and they haven't been back yet
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