Julia's Perspective

By: Zarah Zurita

When I found out my dad got fired , I was so mad that I had to be taken or I should say separated from all my good friends. I should of never thought that if Ivan's plan worked my daddy would of kept his job. I wish Mack would of never been such a greedy Mc.GreedyPants. Every day after school I see that lady and I get a giant grin on my face. I see Ruby touch the box and get a treat I know she was never meant to be a circus elephant. Ruby is the best baby elephant in the whole universe and I knew she needed to be somewhere better than a mall. I bet that Ivan will always remember me. Sometimes I wish that I could adopt Bob that would be so great. Tonight is my dad's last night and I go up to Ivan. I look into his big brown eyes and I see the giant happiness in him. I start to cry. When I put my hands on the Ivan's domain glass Ivan does the same thing. I have a giant tear come down my cheek and , it seems Ivan is telling me everything will be okay. . I wonder if my dad will ever take me to see all of my friends in the zoo. I will be able to see Ivan with a family, and Ruby with well you know elephants. Maybe even I can pet them and make more art at the zoo. I really hope my dad gets the job at the zoo. What if Ivan stops painting will he stop being The One and Only Ivan ? If he isn't then he will always be The One and Only Ivan to me. Ruby will always be the magnificent baby elephant. I will always remember my wonderful friends