Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald's life, childhood, and possible mental illness

Early Childhood

As a child Oswald was a cild who did not get along with others. His selfish mother did not provide him with enough support and love and he was frequently caught in fights or skipping class. He was on probation throughout most of his adolescent years.

Mental illness

LHO was thought to be extremely emotionally unstable.He would abuse his wife both physically and verbally. He also dropped out of school at 16 years old.

One source claims he was diagnosed with a personality disorder and very dangerous passive aggressive tendencies. His wife often noted that he had fits of anger where he could not be controlled and most of the neighbors thought he had killed her on multiple occasions. The day he assassinated kennedy he left his wedding ring on the table. All of this shows passable evidence through his aggressive tendencies and his fits of anger against even his wife.


Hostile Family Relationships

Marina Oswald

Marina and LHO immigrated to the United States shortly after getting married. Marina Oswald remarried about a year after LHO died. She originally thought Oswald was the killer but thought he did it out of a random fit of anger and claimed she had no previous knowledge and he showed no indication that he would kill the president. She went so far as to say that he supported Kennedy and believed he killed him because of an outside influence. She was frequently abused throughout their relationship and auctioned him wedding ring for over $100,000.

Social Workers

LHO was sent to multiple psychiatrists and numerous social workers became concerned with him. Evelyn Strickman,a social worker,noted "This is a seriously detached withdrawn youngster who has preserved some ability to relate but is very hard to reach. He is laconic and taciturn and while he answered questions he volunteered almost nothing about himself."