The tower of terror



Everyday I look back at it I can remember as if it was yesterday. It all started on a normal day at hollywood studios, Disneyworld which is beautiful. I wanted to go on a roller coaster and my mom recommended tower of terror, so I said yes but my little sister was tall enough to go on the ride so she got to go on it to. I was as scared as my 8 year old sister. But that was only the beginning.

Rising action

As we got closer my heart was starting to pound faster. As we got closer I could hear the screams of the people that were already on the ride. But when we got our tickets I knew that I was going to have the best time ever. But then we walked into the ride and it looked so cool. There was cobwebs everywhere and it looked antique. So then we walked into this room and it showed us the backstory of why they built the ride but more importantly let's get back to the story.The only bad part of this is that I had to walk up about 7 flights of stairs to get up there and of course there was other people that wanted to ride the ride so we had to wait about an hour just to get on the ride. Now I am scared for life do I want to do this or no. But there was no turning back know I have to ride it.


“I don’t want to ride this anymore”, I said as soon as I got on the ride. “Well there is no going back now ”, my mom said. Then it was decided I had it ride it. So I was getting on the ride and my heart started really beating. And I was like freaking out right now.


I got on the elevator that is suppose to represent what happened in the 1920. It was old looking and every time you you walked on the stairs it creaked. And there was a creepy bellhop acting creepy and showing what to do so we don’t get hurt. That strap hurt me because it was so tight. Then the bellhop was standing in the looking creepy and all of a sudden she goes. “Have a nice ride”, She said. With her eyes popping out. The doors closed.

We start going up and I freaked out because there is a floating window coming toward us. We finally get to the 13 story. You hear lighting like it was in a storm.Than you drop 13 story I thought my heart just died because it was so surprising. That was the best time ride ever. But the only bad part about this is that I could not feel like my legs after the ride. To conclude if you ever go Disneyworld ride Tower of Terror I promise yo