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Byte-Sized Treats to Transform Learning 3.10.20

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The 2020 Challenge: Time to Get Serious About an Online Classroom Presence

If there's ever been a time to be deliberate about creating an online classroom presence, now is the time. We get the argument against it. Every school doesn't have 1:1 devices. Some teachers say they don't have time for technology. Others feel like their school wifi is spotty. There's always a reason, isn't there?

However, it's past time teachers, students, and parents become more comfortable with online learning, particularly in light of recent world events. So, my challenge is this. As we head into Spring, every teacher needs to create at least one (1) online classroom -- Canvas or Google Classroom, it doesn't matter. Now is the time to learn how to use these platforms and make them work for students.

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YouTube Studio

Have you ever used YouTube Live to stream video? No? Well, it’s too late...because now you can use YouTube Studio which is even better!

YouTube Studio is replacing Creator Studio and YouTube Live streaming. Studio is powerful and enlists several new features that make creating and streaming videos a cinch. Want to stream a concert? Stream an activity during class time? Or maybe flip your lesson by recording it and then make it available for your students? You can do that and more with Studio. Click on this YouTube Studio directions link to learn more.

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The Magic of the Omnibox

Chrome’s web browser offers a lot of extra functionalities but one of my favorites is the omnibox - a fancy little name for the address bar but it does more than just addresses. Try out a few of these magical little tricks:

  • Need to see who goes first or settle a dispute? Type in “Flip a Coin” for a deciding factor manipulative.

  • Type in “Roll a Dice” for fun dice manipulative. You can even add several dice to the screen. Great for selecting a student or group.

  • When you come across a word you don’t know, highlight it and drag it to the omnibox. Ta da! The definition will appear, along with the pronunciation, translations, synonyms, and more.

  • Need to perform a quick calculation? Type calculator directly into the omnibox.

  • Faster than searching YouTube - simply type “Timer” in the omnibox to set your time. A stopwatch is another click away.

Once you’ve experienced one of the above manipulatives, click on the drop-down arrow to discover a virtual spinner, a metronome, Pac-Man and more.

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Google Slides Timer Add-on

Ever wish you could put a timer in Google Slides to help manage an activity, but not have to embed a YouTube timer? There’s an extension for that! Slides Timer is an extension you can add through the Chrome Web Store that allows you to create silent timers using place holders. Times places between << and >> will be replaced with a timer. Use "-" as the last character in order to create a countdown timer from a specific time, use a "+" as the last character to create a count up from a specific time, or use <<time>> to display the current time. Once you have your placeholder, simply click Present and watch your timer come to life.

For example:

<<5:00->> will count down starting at 5 minutes.

<<2:00+>> will count up starting at 2 minutes

<<time>> will display the current time in AM PM format

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EdTech PD Just For You!

The New Year = a great time to learn NEW things. The Office of Instructional Technology has a variety of great sessions customized for you. Just hop on over to, and click on ACTIVITY CATALOGS and DISTRICT CATALOG in the left-hand menu. Type the word TECHNOLOGY in the search bar to locate and register for your choices.

Pajama PD - Virtual Learning -- Utilize Canvas' Quizzes for Formative and Summative Student Assessment 3.18.20 with Paula Setser-Kissick

From the comfort of your own couch or after school classroom, explore Canvas Quizzes and see how it provides opportunities for student formative and summative assessment. We'll take a look at Classic vs. New Quizzes, steps for creating a quiz, question options, and question banks - with participants taking part in hands-on activities. Notes: This training is best suited for those teachers who have some experience working in Canvas. A Zoom link for the session will be sent to attendees prior to March 18, along with directions. There will be a day to test your connection prior to the PD.

Google Earth and Earth Studio; May I Help You Find Something? 3.24.19 with Jerry Broyles

Hold on tight and set your sights on the future as we take a ride on the new Google Earth! Navigate the new world while exploring lands, homes, and cultures from afar. Fly by the seat of your pants and record your journey using Google Earth Studio. Marvel at the power of Google Earth Engine and brainstorm curriculum with Outreach. Don't be a Kevin and miss the trip!