Extreme Space-bar Olympics

Have YOU got what it takes?

What is this?

It is a range of activities involving the space bar. These include: How many times can you tap the space bar in a minute, How quick can you rip off the space-bar, Best drawing of a space-bar, Most accurate pressing during work, Most accurate elbow tapping, Space-bar jousting, Space-bar fencing, Basket Space-bar, Foot Space-bar, Space-bar cricket, Space-bar tennis, How many space-bars can you hold in your mouth at once, and so so so much more!

When and Where

Friday, July 4th, 9pm to Saturday, July 4th 2054 at 9pm

This is an online event.

So basically, go to your computer and compete in the games! They'll go on for 40 years - can you survive?


Ages 10-18. You must have a good supply of food and drink to allow you to survive for 40 years. Blinds must be closed and lights turned off. No cats. No dogs. No ostriches. You must have a valid computer geek license. Good luck! Click the space-bar below to enter.

Why do astronaut sheep like computers?

They like the space-baaa

2 guys walked into a space-bar

And their work on the computer was ruined.

What brand of drinks do computers on mars like to drink?

Space Barr