Gregor Mendel

Father of modern genetics


Gregor Mendel discovered the basics in the study of genetic transmitted from parents to children. But, know one in his time really understood his work or how important it really was.

Early Years


  • Gregor Mendel was born in 1822, in the Czech Republic
  • While in grade school he was told that he was a gifted child
  • Earned top grades in math and science
  • Started study on pea plants

  • Money for school
  • Failed teaching test because his nerves got the best of him
  • Others didn't understand his work

Experimental Design

The Question
  • How many different forms would result in the random fertilization of two kinds of pea plants?

He would study the shape color and stem length

He also found out that there was a 3 to 1 ratio of yellow to green in his tests


Data points

  • Stem color and length
  • Seeds color
  • When yellow pea plants and green pea plants crossed he always got yellow

Because of this data he found out that there are Dominant genes and Recessive genes.


There really wasn't much reaction to his work because know one really understood what it meant or what it could until after he had died.


Scientist use it today and it helps us better understand how genetics work. (fathered modern genetics) Scientists have discovered traits that follow Mendel’s work.



  • Definition: Gene that will over power another gene
  • Example: brown eyes, widows peak


  • Definition: Gene that gets covered up by dominant gene
  • Example: No dimples, Blonde or Light hair Red hair


  • Definition Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive
  • Example: AB blood