About The Weather

What is weather?

Many types of weather.

There can be many different types of weather.For example:Snow,hail,sleet,tornadoes,hurricanes,thunderstorms,rain,and so on.It can have a good effect or not.We can not control what the weather will be like.Seasons can also effect what the weather will be like to.Summer will be warm and sunny,Spring will be cold and snowy but soon turn warm,Fall will be starting to turn a little colder,and winter will be very cold and snowy.Look below and you will see different types of weather.They are pretty great pics.

Seasons happen all the time but can be threatful

There are many types of seasons.There are four seasons.I will put them in order.Spring,Summer,Fall(also known as Autumn)and Winter.They can have a good effect or a bad effect too.Like winter can be a threat.That is because the snow can be very deep and also destroy valuable thing.They may also tear down trees,poles,and telephone wires.This is why we got to be careful.Summer can be a threat too.It can be so hot that is starts force fires.Force fires are fires that happen by there selves because it is so hot.It may also make lots of thing explode.When this happens,you can lose valuable thing or even family members..Also there can be extreme temperatures.Hot or cold.

Weather Signs

No one is sure what the weather will be like now,later tomorrow,next week,next by month,even next year!Some people will use weather signs to help them figure out what the weather will be like.Some signs may be very silly but it works.For instance, some people who see cows laying down in the grass in a field " know" that rain is coming.The cows are saving a dry spot for themselves for however long they can!But sometimes when the cows are lying down,it also may be tired and need milking.Some cloud signs are that if the clouds are puffy and white,that means it will be a fair day.But if the clouds pile on each other,a thunderstorm is coming.Another sign is when high,thin cirrus clouds will appear,chances are that heavy rain clouds will soon follow.This is very silly but did you know rainbows are a warning?Yes they can be.A saying you may know from before may be goes like this "Rainbow at morning,sailors take warning."Another one says "Rainbow at night,sailors' delight."These signs do have some truth in them believe it or not.Rainbows will occur when sunlight passesd through raindrops.If a sailor may see this late in the day,that means bad weather has passed through.But a rainbow in the day means a storm will be on it's way.Thats all I can say for now.Read more about it on the book "Weather Signs" or read it online.