Story of Anne Frank

By: Chloe Rickman and Sam Churchill


Anne Frank was born into a small family in 1929. Whenever Hitler came to power, her parents, Otto and Edith, became worried about the persecution of the Jews and the economic crisis. They wanted to escape.

Move to the Secret Annex

Sunday, July 5th 1942 at 6:30am

263 Prinsengracht

Amsterdam, NH

After Margot Frank received a letter ordering her to report to a work camp in Germany, Anne Frank's family went into hiding in an attic apartment behind Otto Frank's business.

Going into Hiding

As well as the Frank family there are four other Jews in the Secret Annex: Hermann and Auguste van Pels with their son Peter, and Fritz Pfeffer. Four of Otto’s employees help them. Everyone lives in constant fear of discovery. And it’s certainly not easy for eight people to live in such close quarters.

The Arrest

On August 4th 1944, everyone in the Secret Annex was arrested. They were deported first to the Westerbork transit camp, and then to Auschwitz. Otto Frank was the only to survive through the camp.