How Does Magnetic Therapy Works ?

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How Does Magnetic Therapy Works ?

There is always a debate that, does magnetic therapy really work? Or it is a scam. Also, how does it actually work? Magnetic therapy is a system based idea by which our body responds to the healing power of magnets. Some devotees assigned that, Magnet effects on our body due to different orientation of magnetic. As polarity is an important issue in magnetic therapy and regarding on this issue specialists give assurance that magnetic therapy works.

Before starting using Magnet Therapy one’s need to know a little bit of what to do actually. It is not like this that, you will start using the magnet of your refrigerator and started getting the benefits. There are so many companies who are selling magnets and all companies magnets are not same at all.

There are two types of magnets that the companies are selling. One is Unipolar magnets and other one is bipolar magnet. Unipolar magnet will work on only one side of your body. It is either the north pole or the south pole.

And the bipolar magnet works on the both poles in our body at the same time. It is still a subject of debate that some experts Strongly believe that, bipolar magnet is much effective than the unipolar magnets. But using the magnets depends on how you will be treated.

As Iron makes up four percent of our body and when the north side of the magnet which is negative, placed on in a painful part of our body fresh oxygenated blood draws to that area. Fresh blood reduce the pain and speed up therapeutic. Magnetic Therapy Accessories like womens magnetic beacelets, magnetic rings, etc. works as a number of cells or tissues of our body generate electromagnetic impulses.

Presently, magnetic therapy is getting very popular for healing different kinds of pains, diseases even cancer also. But However, the United Staes Food and Drug Administration admits that Magnetic has no Medical Values.