Anna Pavlova

Famous Russian Ballerina BY MIA H

The Story Of Anna Pavlova Becoming Famous...

Birth-February 12, 1881, she was born in St Peterburgs, Russia.

Early Life-

Anna Pavola's dad died when Anna was only a toddler. Although Anna's family was poor, they were able to watch the Performance of Sleeping Beauty, when

Anna was only 8 years. After she watched it she was very inspired because it was a Ballerina's dancing in the play. After that she practised and practised till she was really good.

Her Film Career-

Anna was in a movie which she got paid per hour, she worked 6-7 hours a day. Not an actor, but a dancer, and not just any dancer, but ballet’s first superstar, Anna Pavlova, the great ballerina who in 1915 made her single feature film in Los Angeles in 1905 called The Dying Swan. Anna Pavlova went on a world tour while she was on tour in New Zelend she got a maringue based dessert now called after her Pavlova.

Anna Pavlova got married and every time she performed she got more people to beileve they could do it. Anna on the 23rd of January 1931 sadly passed away by a Lung diesese called Pleurisy.

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