Meadow Brook Staff Newsletter

Week of December 9

Quote of the Week

“Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of each day remembering we all want the same things (to be happy and be loved) and we are all connected to one another.”
-Dalai Lama

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Monthly Hattie's Highlight

This month we want to highlight SELF ASSESSMENT this has an effect size of 1.33 (remember the hinge point is 0.4).

Self Assessment is what pushes students to grow their expectations of themselves, stretch to meet them, and grow them again. Research has found that when students have frequent opportunities to self assess, they begin to attribute their learning to internal beliefs. In turn, they develop an awareness that they are in control. They come to understand that effort and subsequent learning that comes from that effort (not luck) is directly connected to their success.

(Hattie actually calls this strategy Self-Reported Grades or Student Expectations, It is re-named “Self Assessment” in the book Bold Schools)


  • The teacher defines for the students what proficiency is and what it looks like

  • Students self assess their work and measure it against teacher explained proficiency

  • The teacher then discusses the result of the student’s work/ assessment and helps students grasp where they are relative to proficiency goals

  • The students are given the opportunity to apply refined understanding to another learning task/assessment to see progress

  • The teacher uses the assessment data to plan his/her next stage of instruction

  • The process exists as a cycle that is repeated with frequency for ultimate benefit to the student

This Week:

  • Monday: (A day)
  • Tuesday: (B day) Lockout Drill @ 10:20 *we will make an announcement
  • Wednesday: (A day)
  • Thursday: (B day) Mark out all day
  • Friday: (A day)

Important Updates

I sent this out to parents:

-Just a reminder, outside food/drinks brought in by parents/guardians can only be consumed by their child and cannot be shared by other students unless directed by the school. To protect instructional time we do not allow classroom birthday parties.

LOCKOUT DRILL/Communication DRILL-- Tuesday 12/10 @ 10:20


Return inside

Business as usual


Bring everyone indoors

Lock perimeter doors

Increase situational awareness

Business as usual

Take attendance


Please use REMIND to send Mark the number of students you have and the names of any students you are missing.


Core teacher, please make sure the following document gets filled out as soon as possible. I will be working on schedules next week.

Q3 CARE changes 19/20

Things to look forward to:

12/9--Board meeting

12/13-- 6th grade girls choir to the mall

12/18-- Kona Ice

12/18--Staff Meeting @ 3:20 (We will celebrate our teacher of the year nominees.)

12/19 -- 6th grade GRIT Assembly *We are Connected

12/19-- Winter Dance 3:05-4:30

12/20 -- 5th grade GRIT Assembly *We are Connected

12/20-- Freddy's Night in Yukon

12/21-1/5-- NO SCHOOL Winter Break

1/6-- Teacher work day

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This the 3rd annual TOY DRIVE EVENT benefiting the Mustang Fire Department Toys for Tots!

The toy drive will run now through December 12. Students can bring NEW, UNWRAPPED toys in their original packaging.

A bus will come by on December 12 to load up all of our toys.

Here are some ideas for pre-teen/teens group of kids:

-sporting equipment/bags/balls





-bath gift sets

-board games

-hair accessories

These are just some ideas because this age group can be hard to purchase for.

You can bring toys for ANY AGE!

Winter Dance-- Dec. 19 from 3:05-4:30

PTSO is hosting a WINTER DANCE!

Students can pay $5 to stay after school until 4:30. We will have a DJ set up in the cafeteria and games set up in the gym. Come join us for a fun time!

Concessions will be available for purchase.

Teachers we would love your help with this! PTSO does so many wonderful things for us and this will be a big fundraiser for them. Next week, I will send out a survey to see who is available.

Tell me something Good!

We heard a lot of good things from you guys and our students about "Building their Dream Team"! Thank you for investing in our students!!!

Please email me "SOMETHING GOOD" so I can add it to our newsletter.

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Thank you for all your hard work!

At Meadow Brook we have GRIT.