Animals Homes

By Isabella and Taylor

Our district is a problem for others

In Our District we have a big problem. More kids and people are moving in and if their moving in then they would have to build new schools which can destroy the animals homes.

Animals are showing up in neighborhoods

A rat showed up at my home and my brother tryed to pick it up and he got bit.

Animals are getting a little confused because of the new homes

3 weeks later my dad was mowing the grass and found a snake curled up.

Animals are running out of food

I found a Possum in my dumpster that was trying to find food.

We can make more room for the animals.

We can provide room for animals

We can provide schools for kids to learn and for animals to keep their homes by sending the kids to a church so they would still have a place to learn and it would be ok because it is only open on Sunday.

If the district does accept our plan then the animals will keep their homes and the kids will have a place to learn.

If the district doesn't expect our plan then the animals will lose their homes and the kids will not have a problem because they will still have a place to live.

If the district picks our plan

Then the kids will go to the church and learn.So then the kids will get the weekend off so the church. Then the kids will go back to school on Monday.Also if the church has something going on the school will be out.