Counseling Corner



Hello Jamaica Family!

Toolbox Topics for November

1. Breathing Tool - "I calm myself and check in"

When we breath purposefully, it calms and slows us down and brings our attention inward. We become more self-aware and self-reflective about our bodies, minds, emotions, and impulses and more likely to have the insight to respond more appropriately in stressful situations - in the best interest of ourselves and others.

2. Quiet/Safe Place Tool - "I remember my quiet safe place"

Quietness gives one strength. When we have a "place" of solace, safety, and quiet, then creativity and imagination, and self-expression emerge naturally.


Basic Principles and Understandings of the Anger Lesson:

👍 Anger is a feeling and emotion; anger is information and aggression is a behavior. What we do with that information is our inherent responsibility.

😊 Being accountable for our actions, regardless of of the outside world, is a difficult task. No one makes us react aggressively. It is our choice. When we are reactionary or impulsive to anger, we give our power away.

😃 The good news is that we can change our relationship to anger. The bad news is that we cannot necessarily change anyone else. We can change how we receive and interact with with the world. It is problematic and unrealistic to expect tp change others.

😊 The emotion of anger is normal and necessary. Feeling angry means we are alive and responsive human beings. What we do with anger and how long we hold on to it is our choice.

😉 Our bodies will never let us down. We cannot stop the feelings or information of anger from entering our bodies. How long it stays and how it informs our actions is our responsibility. This is not only empowering; it is also do-able.

Dates to Remember

EARLY RELEASE - Every Thursday @ 1:00pm

NO SCHOOL - 11/11 - Veterans Day