A Peek at the Week

October 7, 2018

Eleven of our teachers are leaving today for Get Your Teach On in Charlotte! Please pray for safe travels, new ideas, and refreshing, rejuvenated excitement for teaching.

A thought for each of us....

This school year has reminded me daily that chosing education means that you are chosing much more than planning and teaching lessons. Now more than ever before, if we want to be successful in our daily roles, we have to be good listeners, keen observers, investigators, fighters, and skilled instructors. What does this mean? This means that we must have such strong relationships with our kids that they talk to us, and we listen. Our relationships are so strong that we can pick up on things that may not be right in our kids' worlds when their grades drop or they seem unhappy. It means that when assignments are not turned in, we do not assume that our kids don't care. We investigate and keep holding them accountable searching for ways to help assigments get completed because we know our kids are made for more. It also means that we fight through our insecurities in calling families on the phone because we know this is the number one way to increase our understanding of our kids' worlds. Finally, it means that we simply understand that one size does not fit all and that we will have to pull students aside when our grade level lessons are over their heads and teach them one-on-one if needed. We have to be skilled in the fact that testing a student will not fully solve any academic issue. Their best chance is us. We have to meet with them and grow them from where they are and that takes us knowing academically what they need and beginning there. Now more than ever, there is not enough time in the school day, so we take it home. Balance is a must in the field. Remember to rest on the weekends, attend conferences, and spend time with your families. Make time for the things that you love to do. This will give you the energy you need to meet your kids each day. They need you, and we need you! Tomorrow begins a new week. In the words of Allie Hiott when we offered her a job, "Let's Go!"
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United Way

I will be placing United Way forms in your boxes this week. Please consider giving. The donations can come directly back to our school in the form of mentors, etc. We will collect donations until after payday.


Remember that you need to have your SLO's typed into SCLead by Friday. Related arts- I will meet with you this week. If you need any help at all, please ask.

Safeschools Online Training

You have received emails from Safeschools Online Training with two trainings to complete. There is a Youth Suicide training and a Child Abuse training. These trainings must be completed by Dec. 14th. I would like for everyone to have completed the Youth Suicide training by October 17th. Please plan to complete that training by that date. We need to meet following that training for discussion.


Please remember to schedule conferences with families of students who you have academic, social, and/or behavioral concerns about. Please make calls to families of students who are doing well in your classes.

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 9th: 5th grade to DO for Lucy Calkins' trainng at 12:00

Oct. 17th: Fall pictures make-up day

Oct. 23rd: End of 1st nine weeks

Oct. 24th: 2nd grade testing begins

Oct. 29th: Book Fair Week Begins

Oct. 30th: Fall Festival 5:00-7:00


We will be having an Active Shooter Trauma Kit training on November 26th at 3:15. Everyone must attend this training. Make sure you have marked this date on your calendar.