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Thursday 17 May

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Kura Tuatahi Toko

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Kounga ako mo katoa i roto i te taiao e atawhai ana.


To view our latest post, with a you tube clip, called The Adaptable Mind please click on the link: Blog Post
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This show is about Matariki - an important date on the Maori Calendar that indicates the year ahead and the seasons of harvest begin. Matariki heralds in the new year and the beginning of winter. We will be learning about this through watching Maori songs and dance.

Welcome to Micheal H our newest 5 year old. Happy school days.



Learning to Learn

Kit, Lexi, Sinead, Amy, Keighley, Tess, Sophie, Sam W, Charis, Leah S, Zack, All of Room 1, Jarrad, Cullum

Personal Best



Freddie, Joshua, Joe, Laura, Lucas

Well Being


Challenging Curriculum



If you teach your children one thing it should be how to grow their intelligence. You can do that by praising their process and this starts from a very early age.

How can parents do this?

Research shows that praising the process –children’s effort or strategies—creates eagerness for challenges, persistence in the face of difficulty, and enhanced performance. Next time you are tempted to tell your child that he or she is the next Einstein or future Picasso, stop yourself. Instead, take the time to appreciate what they put into their work, not what the work means about their innate brains or talent. Ask them how they went about it and show them how you appreciate their choices, their thinking process, or their persistence. Ask them about strategies that didn’t work and what they learned from them. When they make mistakes, use these as occasions for teaching them to come up with new strategies. When they do something quickly, easily, and perfectly, do not tell them how great they are. Tell them, “I’m sorry I wasted your time on something too easy for you. Let’s do something you can learn from.” Look for ways to convey your valuing of effort, perseverance, and learning. These methods will foster a growth mindset in your children.

If you have time check out this Your Tube clip about the power of YET.


The school council is organising a themed day to raise funds for the Westpac Chopper Appeal by asking students to donate a gold coin. This will be on Friday 25th May 2018. Students are invited to come dressed in a theme around travel or flying. For example, a pilot or flight attendant or students can come dressed in yellow and red. There will be two prizes per class for the best dressed students.

PTA AGM - Please note change of date

The AGM for the Toko School PTA will be held in the Toko School Staffroom on Wednesday 6th June at 7pm. The PTA is always looking for new members so please come along and help out our lovely group of parents. Many hands make light work and being on the PTA is not a huge time committement.


Fundraising Committee Meeting , Tuesday 29th May, 7pm, Toko School


Have you downloaded our school Mobile App yet? To download the app click this link.

This Toko School App will become the main way we contact parents in an emergency and if we need to get information out to our community immediately.

Once you have downloaded the app you will have quick access to a variety of Toko School related information.

ALERTS: The first thing you need to do once you have downloaded the app is click on the alerts page to sign up for alerts that involve your children.

All Toko School Calendar Events are on the School App and on the school website.


The library website is now up and running again. It is accessible through the school website.

Students have been given their borrower number and password details by their teacher. They will need this to be able to access the site as someone other than a guest. This will enable them to view their borrowing, when books that are on loan are due back, and any overdues that they may have. Other features are also available within the site so I encourage you to visit with your children and view what is available.

The library catalogue is available to everyone as a guest.

The main page shows new titles that are available and a summary of these. These are on display in the library also. Featured books are ‘Top Picks’ and are at the top of the page.

Book trailers will also be available at different times.

News from the library will also be featured here.

We are currently working on adding many more features that will enhance your child’s learning and interests.

Click on this link and have a browse - LIBRARY


The school has a box full of old good rugby boots for anyone to use. There is a range of sizes so if you are interested come to the office and have a look. These will be going back to Eastern District Rugby shortly and will not be available at the school.


Will parents please check their children's clothing as we have a lost or misplaced Navy Jacket, H & H, with a full zip. This is brand new and has Coulton named on it in the hemline.


STRATFORD HIGH SCHOOL - Please note change of date

Year 8 Open evening for Stratford High School will be on Wednesday 30th May, 5pm to 7pm.

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