Running Low on Memory?

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Friendly-Neighborhood Instructional Technician, passing through...

So, I've noticed a sudden spike in people reporting (via direct e-mails and phone calls, mostly...) an error message about being "low on memory" or "low on resources".
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Seriously, though...

This is probably a result of a single program encountering a glitch and going a little haywire with your RAM (or Random Access Memory; important note: this is NOT the same as your storage space so you don't have to delete anything, at all, that won't help you...)

Your RAM is the resource that your computer uses to keep all your RUNNING items running. So, that internet page--probably for your e-mail--that you have pulled up in the background that's not actually "doing anything" at the moment ( far as you know...) or that background updater program that you never actually see but checks to see if Adobe is up-to-date or even that Word document that you keep trying to finish but only make it a few words before someone interrupts you (AGAIN!)... Any of those might be taking up an inordinate amount of your RAM, according to your system. Plenty of times, I've especially seen internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) have an add-on or extension go a little cuckoo and start hoarding RAM resources for no apparent reason.

Best (and easiest) thing to do is just (drumroll...) restart your computer. That's it. Once it comes back up, usually, you won't see the same problem again for a long time, most likely. IF you do see it again within the same day, it's time to look at the programs that you're using and see if there is some obvious reason that that might happen (e.g. "Am I using 20 tabs and 15 different add-ons in my internet browser... that I really don't need?"). Otherwise, if you see it again, very soon (within a week?), that's the point at which I'd definitely recommend dropping a line to and having one of our awesome technicians take a closer look--and they can probably even remote in quickly from our office for the initial check! THANKS!!