M-4 Sherman Workhorse

Allied Forces Have Answer for the Panzers of Germany.

Summary of Event

The Sherman tank was a medium tank that with its 75mm gun could take out enemies a ranges of 1,400 yds. almost a mile. It was mass produced in factories in the United States. There were 50,000 Sherman tank built for the war effort. When used in battle, they tended to be most effective when fighting in groups against AXIS tank dividions.


The start of WWII, Allied Forces needed a tank to stand up to the Axis Forces Tank Divisions. The answer the M-4 Sherman. It's light, fast but most importantly it cheap to build. The America produces Sherman's as fast as the Axis can destroy them. Sherman's are a ratio of 4/1 Axis tank. This tank served in major battles like Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. It could go as fast as 25 mph. and packed a 75 or 76mm cannon and had 4 machine guns it was a force to be reckon with.

The Sherman had many innovative features like a jet engine that provided the speed but consequently caused fires when it got hit. Also a barrel that self adjusted to bumps as you where driving was added. The turret was made to be able to turn 360° around other tanks like the M-3 Grant could only move 15° side to side. The Allies realized that the short barrel 75mm gun was to small of a gun so their fix was the Firefly a British 76.2mm canon it was added to the Sherman, but never mass produced. The Sherman was customizable the Allies could put plows to clear mine field and blades to brake barricades.



  • Tank Crew typically was 5-6 soldiers
  • The tank was involved in all campaigns after 1941
  • They where designed to be mass produced in US factories
  • They produced 4 Sherman tanks for 1 Axis tank in WWII
  • The Sherman Tank was used for more than fighting it uses were bulldozers, mine clearer, troop transporter, and recovery unit.


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