Grand Canyon National Park

In Arizona

Info about the park.

At the Grand Canyon that is all together 1,217,280 Acres of land. It was made a park on February 26, 1919.

How much dose it cost to get in?

Vehicle $30.00 Motorcycle $25.00 Individual $15.00

What are some attractions?

Some attractions are the Grand Canyon and a old watch tower the is really old.
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What plants and animals live there?

Well thare are a lot so hear are the plants

Coyote Willow Catclaw Acacia Sagebrush Ocotillo Arrowweed Western Honey Mesquite Seep Willow A few of the wildflowers you may be able to observe: Yarrow Evening Primrose White Violet Globe Mallow Red Columbine Palmer Lupine Watercress Rocky Mountain Iris

And hear are some animals

Coyotes Bats Squirrels Raccoon Bobcat Gray Fox Mountain Lion Beavers Mice Mule Deer Bighorn Sheep Cotton Tail Rabbits Ringtail Cats Chuckwalla Lizard Shorte-Horned Lizard Salamanders Toads Grand Canyon Rattler Diamond Back Rattler