In the Eyes of Erik Fisher

the effects of choices

Paul and Eriks Relationship

Paul and Erik have never really been the best of friends. Some call it "brotherhood" others call it "bullying." When Paul was about 5 he supposedly stared at a solar eclipse. Paul thought there was another explanation, and Erik knew there was another explanation.

What Really Happened: Paul's Eyesight

"Everyone thinks Paul can't see especially Erik. In a flashback in the beginning of the book (page 3), Paul claims Erik tried to kill him." Although Erik was sitting at the table doing his homework, Paul thought it was Erik. "On page 255, Paul finally remembers what happened to his eyesight, and that had an impact on Paul his whole life because his parents didn't want Paul to hate Erik". "Also Paul not knowing what really happened made him hate himself for something Erik and Vincent Castro did. (page 255-257)"