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Getting Started : Training : Part 4

Reaching Out on Social Media

Now it’s time for Success Guide Chapter 4: Social Media & Online Success. Read Chapter 4 as you go through our next training video series!


We live in a digital age -- and that can be one of the best ways to reach potential Ambassadors and customers. In the past, network marketers would have to hold meetings, speak with people in person, and make lots of phone calls. Those are all STILL fabulous methods to network! But, how fortunate that we have yet another powerful outlet to spread the word about Plexus!

Many social media platforms are available for our use. Some Ambassadors use LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and other platforms to promote their business and do networking online. Chapter 4 of your Success Guide goes over a variety of social media possibilities. Today, we’re going to focus on what has helped so many of us build our Plexus business: Facebook. Watch this video below about how to post on Facebook about Plexus.

If you haven’t made your first Plexus post yet, great! Talk to your sponsoring Ambassador about your first post. They will be happy to help you write your first one!

A-Team Training: Using Facebook to Promote Your Plexus Business


One of the great things about Plexus is that our company is honest, forthright, and trustworthy. The way we maintain our values here is by following rules -- those outlined by the company for compliance with FDA and FTC regulations. Read the Chapter 4 section on compliance and watch Jen's video below.

For a plethora of additional information on compliance, visit Stacey Fraley's Passion for Plexus website and check out the video from corporate below. Also, look for emails from headquarters about The Plexus Way. Those emails will update you on all of the compliance rules that are relevant to you and your business. If you ever have questions about compliance ask your upline! We are here to help you sort out what is and isn't OK!
The Plexus Way: An Introduction