Macaroni Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 3 AM


cardboard, sugar cubes, gum drops, pipe cleaners, green pebbles, marshmallows, egg cartons, popsicle sticks, glue, paper clips, and string.

Our Justifications

We used small materials because it was easy to put together. We also used the materials to make it big and make it decorative but the right size.  The gum drops were used to make the red light and green light.  The cardboard was used to help keep the car balanced because it is hard and strong.  The marshmallows were used to help keep the sticks together because they are sticky.  The egg carton helped to hold up the whole bridge.  The sugar cubes made a path for walking on.  Pipe cleaners were used by twisting them on the stick to make the car stop so that it would not fall off the bridge.  The tape was used to keep the cardboard in place.

Next Time We Would...

Our group could have used all the materials to make it better and sturdier.  We could make streets so that the car could go past the bridge, instead of stopping and not being able to get off.  The egg cartons could be taken off and replaced with a box to make the bridge higher.

Members in Our Group

Eva, Keatyn, Tristyn, Jake