Merry Christmas


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Dear LC, Alumni and AIESEC in Austria,

I hope, the ones who were at ALPS recovered after that intense conference. Our EB was extremely happy to see such motivated members and leaders there and also we appreciate everyone who contributed in growing as an LC. As you all might know, our President Sara is currently in New York for the Youth Action Summit. We are so proud that she is representing our LC at UN Headquarters and I'm sure she has some good stories to tell when she's back, so make sure to ask her about it.

Apart from that, congratulations to Tolga and Tim for taking this brave step and applying for the EB of 2016/17. Please read their applications before the elections and challenge them with your questions on Tuesday. We hope to see as many of you there. Last but not least, congratulations to the Consulting Challenge team and CCA for the hard work and getting 202 applications for the event on Thursday. You guys rock!

I wish you an amazing week ahead and let's continue rocking this term!!

Your proud Proxy P,



In the past four years I was present on more than 30 AIESEC conferences, having different roles, but this was my first ALPS and it will always be a special conference for me. Not only because of the elections, but because of the people that were there and that made this conference so different from others.

Every AIESEC gathering will not stay forever memorized if there are no people that will co-create the experience, and quality of experience is based on how proactive, positive and committed the people who are participating are. On this ALPS I saw all of that and my heart was full. Everyday was a day full of energy, sharing opinions and all that made this conference special.

In AIESEC it is not only about conferences but it it is also about everyday being AIESECer and making everyday count by spending it with people who are open minded, positive and willing to take an action. So don’t wait only for next AIESEC gathering but make each day spent in this organization count!


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LCPe TRACK by Yoana

The LCPe track at ALPS gave me the chance to get to know better the elected presidents of the other LCs in Austria. We got some insight into the mysterious and unknown area – LCP JD aka what is the LCP doing the whole time without anyone else knowing. Besides that, we were discovering what leadership styles we have, how to build and to develop our teams, how to prepare an EBM and many more interesting topics, which got me extremely excited for the upcoming year!

EB TRACK by Elisabeth

In the EB Track we focused on a different value each day. Our sessions were about being a World Citizen, Self-Aware, Empowering Others and being Action Oriented. We did many different exercises that helped us become more aware, for example about global issues on the first day and ourselves on the second day. All in all it was a fun and relaxed track, that gave us the opportunity to reflect on our EB experience so far and brought us closer as EBs in Austria.

TL TRACK by Maggy

Being Self-Aware, being Solution Oriented, Empowering Others and being a World Citizen.

In those topics was the Team Leader Track divided. We set new goals for ourselves and got to know more about our personality through the DISC Test, where we worked afterwards in those DISC groups. It was really interesting to see how similar the thoughts of the people were. We talked also a lot about the term and team members and how to improve our work through effective communication, coaching, understanding, etc.

What I liked the most was that our Middle Management WU got even more closer.

So I am really looking forward to the next months!

TM TRACK by Michal

The TM track was very interesting and very challenging (like any other, when you go to bed at 6 after the OC turns on the lights in the party room). The biggest focus was put on the second day ("Self-aware day"), which we spent almost entirely within our homegroups. Each group member had to identify his/her strengths with some help of friends. Then we talked about the fears that are limiting us and discovered that most of them are common for all of us. The fun part was when we set challenges to complete during the conference, so we move on from talking and jump into action. FACIs did an amazing job encouraging friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, so in the end many homegroups were sobbing on their shoulders. The third day was more task-oriented and we had to plan the Christmas Party in groups of matching DISC personalities, which means people who are more dominating had to work together (cheers to sexy elves red team) and the same for people who are more community-oriented. We also participated in workshops organized by Alumni - this was one of the most interesting and inspiring parts, cause we got to learn a lot about taking initiative and making a real impact, building up on the AIESEC experience. And of course, theme of the day were the evening elections, which many members actually attended! On the last day we did the wrap-up and reflected on the key takeaways from the conference.


First of all, I have to say that I would need way more space than allocated in a newsletter article to write down thoughts about my OCP ALPS experience, but I will try to do my best. If you’re curious don’t hesitate to approach me:

I will start by stating that the OCP position is for persons who want to reach their limits at all times. The experience is for people who want to see how much stress they can handle. It is a position for people who, for five days, are ready to give out 110% in their fight against the unexpected.

I think the OCP ALPS is the most intense position in the Middle Management. First of all, because you have a shorter timeline and second, because you are ultimately responsible for a national conference, where so many delegates attend. You have to plan so much before, get incredibly structured and take the needs of every stakeholder into consideration while at the same time trying to mentally prepare yourself and the team for the experience on site.

And… most important, when the conference comes… remember all what you prepared and how important it is not to lose yourself, that you are the first one who needs to keep pushing. Also, when chaos is about to take over, that’s the time to show what you’re made of, communicate as clear as possible.

That’s why I decided to apply for the position. Knowing myself I was sure organizing ALPS is going to be a challenge. And it definitely was. But in the end… I and my team made it! We learned so much, we got through so many challenges, but we managed to keep calm and deliver as expected. And yes, I’m really proud of us!


A big thanks to the OC for their impeccable execution. You created such a unique and memorable event. And of course, thank you, Gabriela, for your continuous support throughout the conference. Thank you Facis for your informative materials and seamless delivery. Bene, thank you for your spirited performance and endless exuberance. Finally, thank you Evil Team for your necessary punishment.

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When: Tonight

Where: Meeting room in office

Who: Contact Maggy Windisch


It's that time of the year again, where everyone gets in the Christmas mood buying presents and giving back to the world.


We want to kindly invite you to the last LCM of this year, the Christmas LCM hosted by Diana-Christin and yours truly it will take place on the 18th of December (location and hour still tba on the FB event).

Get out your reindeer ears and the Santa hats cause we got many surprises waiting for you!!

Also, don't forget to bring a present for Secret Santa afterparty.

Ho ho ho,

Diana & Sonja


The best leaderships gifts you can give yourself for Christmas

1. Believe you can:

Whatever your challenges are today, whatever adversity you are facing, the most important thing you can do is to keep believing in yourself and that you can. Can what? That you can win. That you can get through it. That you can be promoted. That you can achieve that goal or that dream.

2. Don't be seduces by results:

The minute you start to think about the past results you have achieved, that’s when you stop thinking about producing results for the future. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the great year you may have had, but it’s in the books and there’s another year starting in a few weeks. Reflect, enjoy and NEXT!

3. Stop Sulking:

The second worst thing you can do besides stop believing you can, is when you start thinking sulking when things aren’t going right is somehow going to help you. It’s not going to help you. See #2, if you are sulking and not executing the steps in your plan, you are losing focus and you will lose an opportunity to turn things around faster

4. Tell those you love that you love them:

Take the time to slow down and share an authentic caring moment with those whom you really treasure. I promise it will give them joy and remove any regrets you may experience later. There are people on your mind right now as you are reading this you know you need to talk to. Just talk to them. Apologize

5. Find someone who believes you can:

We’ve come full circle. Not only do you believe you can, but you need to find at least one person, more if possible, who believes you can. The greatest thing I have always had going for me is that I believe in other people’s talents and gifts. Has it hurt me at times, yes. I wouldn’t trade that ability for anything. You may never have considered the fact that every leader needs someone who believes in them. Forget all the “lone wolf on the prarie” stuff. That’s not true leadership. Having confidence in yourself is important, but it helps to have someone who believes in you, too, whether it’s a spouse, friend, teacher, coach or consultant.


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