Hunter Semrau 2nd hour science

Overview of Career

My career is about the study of earth and people study how the earth reacts. Most of us work in offices but we do work with telescopes and stuff.

What do you need to succeed in geography

Good classes to take in high school are geology as far as college, I would need geography and cartography.

Cost of Education

University of Madison its $ 20403 per year and it will cost 81612$ for four years.

Housing when in college

It will cost around 27000$. Depending on where u are living, but if you are living in a dorm that's how much it will cost.

Food when your in college

Food will cost around 5000$ for four years.

Gas money and traveling when in college

It will cost around 500$.

Clothing money

The cost for cloths will be around 700$.

Total cost of schooling

Schooling will cost around 100000$.

Total cost of schooling and everything

Every thing will cost around 138000$.


You will probably need a loan becuase you need a bacholors degree the degree.


You will most likely need a part time job to be able to afford grocerys.

Sites for more information



Pros of this job

you make pretty good money

you only work 35 to 40 hours a week.

most geography jobs are with government agency's.

Cons of this job

you mostly work in a office.

you need a bachelors degree

Geography offices

Come on down the the geography office geography is about the study of earth. Most of us work in offices, all you need is a bachelors degree. You make 52,290 as starting.