Online Internal University Course

The #d68chat (using Twitter as a district PD tool)

Course Description

For all district staff looking for a flexible way to receive PD and collaborate/learn from their colleagues.

Whether you are a Twitter pro or new to this social network, consider registering for this unique take on an online Internal University concept to use Twitter as a professional learning tool. Twitter chats provide a chance to network and grow your professional circle (and knowledge!) through shared interests. Through our #d68chat hashtag, we will be able to have weekly conversations via Twitter with colleagues within our district who we may or may not have the opportunity to connect with daily. Consider this PD in your PJs!

Participant Objectives

Staff participating will join weekly one-hour online Twitter chats and also complete an additional hour each week in the combination of implementing strategies into instruction and collaborating/sharing on our district Google+ community page.

Location & Time

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  • Twitter (chat online every Wednesday, 8-9pm) - subject to change after our first initial meeting.
  • Google+ community (participated on before the following week’s chat). The time slot of our Twitter chat may change depending on the needs of the whole group.

Face to face:

  • One optional Face to Face starter meeting - Wed. Jan. 28 (JJH PDC 4:15-6:15 PM)
  • This will be an optional introduction session. Please plan to attend if you do not have a Twitter account, have never participated in a Twitter chat, and/or have not used or signed up for Google+. If you are familiar with Twitter/Twitter chats, you can still attend. If you do not attend, you will be provided with supplemental materials to review on your own time and need to complete a few online preliminary tasks in order to meet the 2 hour requirement.


  • The course will primarily take place online. However, the first meeting (2 hour) is face-to-face and is also optional (see above).
  • Staff will be required to fulfill the 2 hour weekly commitment by participating in our weekly district Twitter chat (1 hour) and implement chat ideas into instruction and converse/share with colleagues on our district Google+ community page (divided as participants see fit over 1 hour).
  • Weekly Twitter topics for each chat will be announced prior to the chat. We can add additional face to face meetings if the group decides to.

Facilitator: Tarah Tesmer

Each week, Tarah will be facilitating the online #d68chat on Twitter and also provide course members with supplemental materials on the shared Google+ page.

Materials Needed

  1. Twitter account (professional use)
  2. Access to D68 Google+ community (access given during first week of IU).
  3. BYOD during face to face meeting (chromes will be available if needed).
  4. Computer, tablet, phone... whatever you need to connect to us during the weekly Twitter chats from your personal space.

Sign up below to join this Internal University offering before next Thursday, January 22nd.

#d68chat online Internal University course

Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 4:15-6:15pm

Thomas Jefferson Jr High School, Woodridge, IL, United States

Woodridge, IL

How many Internal University credits will I receive if I attend this course?

  • 1 Internal University credit will be presented to all who successfully complete the course requirements.

What is the cost for those who want to attend for Internal University credit?

  • Free

How many CPDUs will I receive?

  • 16 hours of CPDUs will be available

Can I get paid an hourly rate if I want to attend but don’t want Internal University credit?

  • Staff choosing not to receive Internal University credit will be paid $14 per hour for each of the 16 hours of class attendance.

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Weekly Agenda - Chats are every Wed. on Twitter from 8-9pm

What are the dates of the course? Week of Jan. 26 - Mar. 16, 2015

  • 1 (week of 1/26)

    • Face to face starter meeting - Wednesday, Jan. 28, 4:15-6:15PM (2 hrs)

  • 2 (week of 2/2)

    • Twitter chat (topic: student engagement) 2/4

    • Online community/classroom practice

  • 3 (week of 2/9)

    • Twitter chat (topic: TBD) 2/11

    • Online community/classroom practice

  • 4 (week of 2/16)

    • Twitter chat (topic: TBD) 2/18

    • Online community/classroom practice

  • 5 (week of 2/23)

    • Twitter chat (topic: TBD) 2/25

    • Online community/classroom practice

  • 6 (week of 3/2)

    • Twitter chat (topic: TBD) 3/4

    • Online community/classroom practice

  • 7 (week of 3/9)

    • Twitter chat (topic: TBD) 3/11

    • Online community/classroom practice

  • 8 (week of 3/16)

    • Twitter chat (topic: TBD) 3/18

    • Online community/classroom practice