Week 14 Review (12.1 - 12.5)

Civil War, Pyramids, Genius Hour, and Current Event

Week in Review

12.1 - Students worked on vocabulary for The Civil War

12.2 - We did Genius Hour today instead of our normal Friday. Expectations for Genius Hour in 2nd Trimester were given, now that we have gotten our feet wet, we are going to expect more from ourselves!

12.3 - We read about the beginning of The Civil War (Ft. Sumter) and answered some questions to demonstrate we understood what we were reading.

12.4 - In an effort to stay STEMMY (I am calling this a word) we learned about the great pyramids and how they were built (engineering), that inventions the Egyptians made to create the pyramids (technology), keep in mind this was a civilization that didn't have the wheel. Obviously there is a great deal of math involved, which makes their accuracy even more impressive, given the lack of modern day tools.

12.5 - Students studied one battle of The Civil War and then reported their findings to the class (some opted to do the entire assignment on their own).