Mission Project

By : Callie Conner

Binomial Name

Magnolia floriagrande

Description Of Environment

- good soil

- nice flatter land

- topography ; hilly land with good worked soil

- survives most climates

List Of Adaptations

- looks like a Magnolia tree, different in flowers and leafs

- vulnerable to some pests and diseases
- 40- to 80-foot-tall

- it can maintain or increase its presence

- stands by sprout and seedling production that grows up through openings

- this occurs sporadically in the canopy

- survive in cold weather but shrives in crip 70 degrees up to 85 degrees

- big leafs and small flowers

- flowers produce more seedlings

- best spread through traveling animals

- the leaves are tough to avoid pollination from beetles

- strong leafs (green)

- large tinted flowers (pink)

- tall

- stiff and strong

Reproductive Method/Seed Dispersal

- both (asexual and sexual)

- reproduce from pollination (wind, weather, animals)

- self pollinates

Similar Plant On Earth

My plant is just like a Magnolia tree. Some ways that it's similar is the way the tree looks, they are both tall, with large green leafs and big flowers that grow in the spring and summer. A difference is the color of flower, the color for the plant in space is pink but on Earth it's white. The color of the planet is a light red so the roots add a tent to the flowers making them pink. Another similar thing for the plant is the way it reproduces. It is sexual and can reproduce from pollination but, it also is asexual and can make its own offspring. The pollen off of the flowers falls or is blown from wind therefore planting the small see into the ground.

Specific Leaf

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Holistic Tree

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