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Jollyville Elementary - October Newsletter

National Bullying Prevention Month

This month is a special time when communities unite nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education. At Jollyville, we use resources from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to teach students to respond to bullying as a target or bystander. We continue to reinforce kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. On October 21st, the school will come together for Unity Day where we all wear orange to show support and hope that our school and community will do away with bullying.
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Red Ribbon Week - October 26th - October 30th

This week raises awareness for the effects of drug abuse and educates students about drug prevention. As parents, we can talk to our children about the dangers of drugs and be good, drug-free role models for our kids as well. Each day we will have a different dress up day to reinforce that we choose to be drug-free.
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Guidance Lessons for the Month

Kinder: Our Kinder students will be learning how to be a good friend in their first lesson and then they will find out what a fish versus whale problem is when conflicts do occur. We will also go over the problem solving strategies that the entire school uses for working through conflicts.

1st: Students will be working on how to be a good friend at school, at home, and other places they visit. Students will draw pictures of themselves being a good friend and we will add these drawings to a poster that supports bullying prevention in the hallway. For the second lesson, we will be focusing on how to express our feelings in an appropriate way.

2nd: Students will be reviewing what it means to be a good friend and the true meaning of bulling. Students will learn how to handle bullying when it occurs and how to help others being bullied in a safe way.

3rd-5th: For our upper grades, we will be focusing on how to express our feelings through words and how to use an "I feel" message properly. During this lesson, we will also complete a quick team building exercise to build classroom relationships. Our lesson will focus on how to be a good friend, what bullying really means, and how to deal with bullying.