Batter Up

Summer fun

During most of the summer I played baseball.I played at the tournament with my teammates and coaches. The city that I played a was Fon Du Lac Baseball fields. The date that the tournament was July 10-12. The mode of transportation that we used to get to the tournament was by car. The reason why we went to the tournament was to win and because we were invited


This is a pitcher about to throw a baseball


This is a batter about to hit the ball that the pitcher threw

The connect to science

The first connection science has to baseball is newtons 2nd law of motion.The science behind pitching is the second law of Newton because the harder you throw the faster it goes, in smarter terms it's mass and how much net force is acting on it. Another connection is Newton's first law. Newton's first law states that something that is not moving only and external force can drive the object, so if you put a ball on a baseball tee, then hit it your force moves the ball off of the tee.

I wonder...

I wonder if the baseball was softer if it would go farther?

I wonder why you can't use titanium in bats?

I wonder if you have a weaker grip on the bat you will hit it farther?

I wonder why having less fingers On the baseball pitching makes it go faster


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