Fracois & Jean-Claude Duvalier


Essential Question

What caused president Jean-Claude Duvalier to make Haiti flea away and what damage did he bring among society?


On July 3rd 1951, president Jean-Claude Duvalier of Haiti was born. He took over the presidency from his father, Francois Duvalier due to his death in 1971. Jean-Claude stayed in office for fifteen years until he got overthrown by an uprising in 1986. Staying in office for over a decade comes to show how much he intimidated society. When Claude took power he introduced severe changes to his father's regime by demanding intense authority to advisers, thus causing a negative impact on Haiti. He maintained a harsh lifestyle by forcing millions to participate in certain drug deals around the same time period when poverty was still present. Due to Claude's harsh actions it created thousands of deaths and resulted society to flea away.

Video Reflection

This short video clip gives a deep explanation of the horrid damaged Jean-Claude caused on Haiti. It states that 'Baby Doc' was the youngest world leader at the time at age 19, and went into office trying to improve Haiti due to his father's harsh dictatorship. Shockingly that plan failed and his presidency caused mass chaos, corruption and human rights loss. The video also states that he fled the country due to massive protest and pressure from the United States in 1986.

Letter To Haiti

Dear Haiti,
I, Jean-CLaude Duvalier the president of this country demand you to follow my rules and guidelines. I know in the past my father's way of ruling was strict and harsh. The reason I joined office is to rebuild a stronger country and move forward from the last presidency. Belive me anyone who objects will be tortured , murdered and badly harassed.