Louisiana States and Capitals


Join us in the class and learn the capitals and major cities in Louisiana and their main attractions.

Louisiana's state bird is Brown Pelican and the state flower is the Magnolia . The state motto of Louisiana is Union Justice and Confidence. The highest point in Louisiana is 535 feet . The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge its located Southeastern of Louisiana . Their are many Major cities like New Orleans , Cowington and Hammond . Did you know that Peyton Manning is from Louisiana and one of the most dominate quarterbacks in NFL history , also Lil Wayne is from Louisiana and is a Grammy winning rapper , also Britney spears is from Louisiana and has one of the most successful carrier . Natural Resources in Louisiana are fertile soil , and some important industries found in Louisiana are rice , corn , sugarcane , and cattle. If you visit Louisiana you should go visit Chicto State Park . Chicto State Park offers cabins , boating , hiking , and fantastic fishing on their 2000 acre lake . Another main attraction is Louisiana is Audubon Zoo , Audubon Zoo is family friendly and very fun for kids and adults . These are many things that are fun about Louisiana and facts and capitals .

things you never knew

Driskill Mountain is the highest point in Louisiana. Did you know that Louisiana is the 18th state to join the union. Did you know that Louisiana state dog is Catahoula Lepord Dog .

Louisiana is the 31st biggest state in the USA . Louisiana has the tallest state capital building in the USA , the building is 450 feet tall with 34 floors . Did you know that Louisiana's population is 4.65 million people .


1: Louisiana was consider a state April 30,1812

2: four interesting facts : Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis the 15th also Louisiana is the only state in the union that doesn't have countries , Cowington is known also as Ozone belt , Saint Joseph's Cemetery is the only Cemetery in the USA to face North to Rayne.